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Anatoly SerebrjanskisMy name is Anatoly Serebrjanskis,

I work in London as a Lettings Manager in one of the largest Estate Agents in the UK. I like to experiment with online marketing in my spare time as a hobby, which also is an additional passive income stream.


On the way to my role I learnt a lot of valuable lessons which were not taught at school or at college. Real life is sometimes very different to what we expect it will be like when we graduate.  Most universities and colleges are commercial institutions who know how to sell you the dream very well. They are interested in you making choice in their favour, as they need to make money whilst delivering on their traditional education. However, whether your reach your goals or not after graduating it’s totally up to you.


I dropped out from two different universities, as I lost interest in what I was studying. I was doing Business course in one of them and Tourism and Hospitality course in the other. Both times I realised that rather to study about business I want to get into business and then learn about it in practise. I am not saying you have to follow my scenario, it is just what I realised works better for myself. If you feel you are gaining valuable skills and knowledge and you enjoy doing what you are doing, you should definitely stick to it.


However in most cases traditional education system will not teach you:  how to be successful; how to value your time; how to be financially independent; how to protect yourself and your family with the passive income. You have to go out of your way to get this knowledge and be eager for it.


My job requires screening the applicants’ profiles for qualifying purposes before we can allow them to rent the property. Interesting fact –  I noticed that most of the post graduates in their first few years in employment can barely get to the level of income I get. I can say the same for most of my graduated friends. I am not trying to show off here, but if purpose of your education is to become financially successful in future you may want to seriously reconsider whether you had made the right choice and whether you receive the skills and knowledge to achieve your goals.


Taking the above into account I feel it’s vitally important to educate young people on how to take care of themselves financially. The best time to learn something new is while you are in a studying mode, especially if you are a student. When I was a student (even though it did not last for long), I fell into period when I was lacking on money. Being desperate I was looking for quick and easy ways of making money and I was happy to consider jobs like dishwashing or working in the plants nursery and anything else that was easy to grab. I am sure some of you may be in the similar situation right now.


I wish someone could direct me towards the online marketing back then – affordable way for student to start working for yourself.


Be smart with you time! Do not invest it into dish-washing, cleaning someone’s house or walking someone’s dog or any other less silly, but pointless jobs. Regardless, of how desperate you may be – make the right choice. Often people progress quicker reaching their goals when put under pressure. If you have got no money and online marketing is the only thing you do – you have got no choice, but to make it work for yourself and succeed.


I wish you to succeed whether or not you decide to learn online marketing.


But if you do, there is no better choice than “Wealthy Affiliate”


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