Easy Ways To Make Money For College Students – Secrets Revealed

Being a college student means most of your free time is spent studying. This is why easy ways to make money for college students is such a popular topic. Money is not something common student have plenty of as it is hard to focus on this aspect of your life.

There are plenty of suggestions on the internet on what you can do as a student from babysitting to working in the bar, from cleaning services to pet sitting, selling on eBay, tutoring, freelancing, modelling, selling crafts or completing online surveys or even online gambling and the list of crazy ideas goes on.


Your time is precious

Are these suggestions are really what you want to spend your time and energy on? Is it really worth it? Is it going to make you enough money for rent, food, clothes, entertainment or a new gadget – whichever goal you may have? In the end of the day – is it really that easy?

Time is money, spend it wisely

Your time is precious and whilst you are still young – why waste it on the activities which either not going to make you the good money or not going to give you a practical experience you can benefit from?

The time flies quickly and right now you may feel you have plenty of it, but the sooner you will realise how much you can do with it, the more you will achieve in your life. Investing your time wisely is the only way to actually benefit from the work you do both financially and practically. I wish someone gave that advise to me when I was side hustling during my college years.

As a student, do you really want to trade your time for one off deals e.g. get paid for certain amount of work done or for certain amount of hours spent doing the work? Do you want to do cleaning or walking someone’s dog or pour the drinks behind the bar or would you rather do something where you can gain new useful skills and useful knowledge which you can then use to make money, not “earn money”?


The truth about “easy” money

Easy Ways to Make Money - Secret Revealed

Why are you looking for “easy ways”? Because you are too busy studying and do not have too much of a spare time or maybe you do not have necessary skills or qualifications. There is nothing wrong with your intention to find easy way of making money to fit around your lifestyle and schedule.

The truth is there are no easy ways to make money for college students, neither for someone else, unless you do something illegal or immoral. The only way to make “easy” money is to win the lottery, but there isn’t a success formula for it.

There are some lazy ways, like getting any job that pays, but it’s not going to give you a lot of income. I also would not refer it to money making activities it is actually money earning activities, trading your time for low profits.

The good news is there are some ways to make money not affecting your lifestyle and schedule. This will make your life easier and will allow you to focus on the things you really want. When you have the knowledge in how to make money and are able to implement it – you no longer need to look for easy ways to get money.


Why are you in college?

When you went to college, you probably made a decision to invest your time into something worthy, which you can benefit from in future. You went there with the intention to get a good job after graduating. Whether you wanted to expand knowledge in your passion or picked a course which you believed will help you to get a dream job in future. The final goal in most cases was to graduate so you can then get paid, right?

What if I told you this may not happen… Sounds pretty scary, isn’t it?

The statistics shows that entering the college nowadays it’s like entering the lottery with just one ticket of over $40,000 in price. If you are lucky to get the job you want –you win it back over the decades, paying off your loan if your salary meets certain criteria, if not – tough luck!

Do not take my words for granted, there are plenty of studies available from the most authoritative and trustworthy resources which demonstrate most graduates “not in jobs linked to their degree”

According to Federal Reserve Bank of New York research over the past year 44,9% of graduates were in the professions that typically do not require a degree. Additional, 4,6% percent of graduates were unemployed.

Figures in the UK are not much different. According to Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) 33% of graduates were in “non-professional” roles, working in areas such as administration and secretarial, skilled trades, service and caring industries and sales and customer service.

What do you make up form it?

College education does not guarantee a good job. 

College education does not guarantee a good job

There is a massive misconception surrounding this matter which was imposed to us by our parents, government and traditional education system.

So while you are a student don’t waste your time doing “easy jobs” looking for “easy money”. Before you faced the real life learn how to make good money and apply your knowledge to practise as soon as you can.

Money making is a vital subject you need to learn and this subject is not something you are taught in college. This is something you need to learn yourself. There are plenty of people who made themselves extremely successful in life following this idea, rather than formal education processes. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and many others. These people dropped out the college following their big ideas and passions and learnt how to turn it into businesses.

Does it mean you have to drop out of college to become successful?

Absolutely not! Formal education is important and it still increases your chances to get a good job or the job you actually want. Although, there are many professions you not necessarily have to have a degree for, there are some, which are impossible to do without education. For example, being an engineer, a doctor or a lawyer requires a formal degree.

The point I am trying to make here is whether you get the job of your dreams or not, you may still want to learn some money making skills for the backup in future and for your needs right now.


Make money without any work – sounds too good to be true?

Imagine if there was a way when you can make money, but you do not do anything for it. Imagine how your life would look like. Live your lifestyle – studying, resting, doing sports or following hobbies. Go out with your friends on a weekend and you get paid for doing it all. Sounds awesome, isn’t it?

Make money without any work - passive incomeWell, practically such thing exists and it’s called passive income. Easy ways to make money is when you make money by not doing any work. Passive income is an income received on the regular basis, with little to none effort to maintain it. There are number of ways your passive income can be generated:

  • Renting a property
  • Interest from a bank account
  • Interest in stock or bonds
  • Licensing a patent
  • Earnings from a business that does not require direct involvement
  • Earnings from internet advertisements on websites
  • Internet marketing

…and many more


Is passive income my thing?

The idea of passive income is obviously great, but you might be thinking whether it is applying to you. Presumably most of the things listed above will not be suitable way for you to make passive income as they require a capital. But there is one, which definitely deserves your attention and this is internet marketing also known as online marketing. Unlike some other types of passive income, this does not come to you effortlessly. There is certain preparation you need to carry out before online passive income actually becomes “passive”.

Why online marketing?

Because all you need is your laptop and internet connection. There is no other business in the world, which requires so few tools to get running. So why try to do the things the hard way when you already have business instruments to work with? Just make them work for you.

This is as simple is it sounds!

Learn how to promote products and services online and get paid for it. This is the concept of online marketing. The beauty of this business is that you can conduct it from anywhere as long as you can get a laptop, an internet connection and a bit of a free time. It is like a “holy grail” for a busy student.

You can also do it in your own time and comfortably run your day to day activities. It’s great to have passive income as a student; it will not hurt when you will become a working professional.


Online marketing myths

If you do some research about online money making, you will come across the following statements:

“Get rich quick”

“Six figures in six weeks”

“Buy our expensive “know-how” money making method and become a millionaire”

“Get rich via multi-level marketing (ponzi schemes)”

“Get rich completing online surveys”

“Learn how to trade on Forex in 2 weeks”

These are SCAMS. Anything that promises you quick money without any effort is a SCAM. Don’t believe to these myths.

So what is online marketing then?

Online marketing - facts and fiction

Legitimate online marketing is no different from offline marketing. The principle is the same is just offers you a better platform and better/quicker reach to your potential audience.

The idea here is to find a market niche which may be related to your hobbies or interests so it keeps you curious and promote products or services which may be appealing to the market within that niche. It can be your own products or services if you have any or able to create them or it can be others – this called affiliate marketing. There are plenty of companies available in any scopes which are offering individuals to become an affiliate marketer.

This is how it works

  1. You pick a niche
  2. You create a website or a fan page (Facebook)

This can be done if few clicks and does not require big effort and I will show how later

  1. You fill it with useful content appealing to your market and include some of the paid products or services
  2. You drive traffic to your website and get sales.


Where to learn more about passive income and internet marketing?

On the way to the success in internet marketing I have bought endless amount of courses, webinars and training. I followed many “gurus”. I have bought plenty of books and been a member of different online schools including the largest and most expensive you can find. I spent a fortune trying to learn about internet marketing, but most of it was waste of my time and money. Very often I was coming across experts in the specific field such as copywriting, email marketing, SEO or website building which did not give me the whole picture of the process. There were some other sources which were good to inspire, but did not have clear instructions on what to do with this inspiration.

Everything changed when I stumbled across WealthyAffiliate.com  – online marketing community founded by two entrepreneurs Carson and Kyle. Not just a course or one off training – the whole community!

Welcome to wealthy affiliate

It is like a social network for internet marketers where everyone can study tailored courses, exchange experience, ask questions, overcome challenges, share success stories and learn new skills and most important implement your knowledge to make money.

Having some experience in the field I was blown away with the amount of highly valuable information and quality training provided and a lot of it for FREE!!!

The best thing is that you do not need to repeat my experience researching different sources and filtering out the crap. Just take advice from the person who failed enough looking for the ideal formula and start with the right thing right from the beginning.


Show me the money!

Show me the moneySo how much money can you make as an online marketer? Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. You can make six figures annual income or you can make none. There are number of examples when people got successful and ultra-rich online in relatively short amount of time following simple techniques and there are number of examples when people failed to make a single dollar.

All depends on the amount of time and effort you are willing to contribute, as well as your determination, ambitions and goals. As with anything else in life, if you passionately want it – you will most likely get it!

One thing I know for sure, with the right training EVERYONE can do it! We are all semi marketers nowadays and we picked some marketing skills posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Think about it – each time you make a post or promote an event to your friends you are marketing it in a sense. You are marketing your opinion, your experience, yourself, but you do not get paid for it. All you need to do is to learn how to monetise your marketing.

The opportunities are huge. With over 3 billion internet users 85% of who are buying online to become a mediator in some of these transactions is a no-brainer.


Why WealthyAffiliate (WA)?

Affordable, practical, tons of value, great community support and step by step instructions which are easy to implement to get going. No fluff, no fake, no silly promises and no “buy in-your-face” techniques.

There are no other online marketing schools which I could compare to WA.

Smartly structured layout and self-explanatory navigation makes this school and amazing resource of immense knowledge everyone can receive. Carson and Kyle created this portal with community’s best interest in heart. Everyone joining it will feel warmly welcomed and will feel the part of the group. Learn marketing, share you success stories, ask questions seek help or find business partners – everything is possible here. All training is up to date and adapted to the current level of technologies which is a big winner in fast paced internet environment.


What’s the deal?

When you first register as a free member you get to the “Welcome Page” where you offered to take Level 1 –  Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Level 1 - Online Entrepreneur Certification

There are 10 Lessons which will show you how to create a website and fill it with good quality content from scratch. Having zero knowledge in the industry you can get this done in less than 24 hours and you taught this for FREE.

10 Free Lessons

If you want more detail on a particular subject just head to search option and type a keyword to get instant access to the training, videos, webinars and blogs collected by the school over the years and ready to be gabbed for your advantage.

Search tool on Wealthy Affiliate

If you get stuck or feel overwhelmed feel free to reach to the community or creators and help will come with no delay.

Community on wealthy affiliate

Training navigation is amazing and takes only few days to get full understanding about how online marketing works.

Online enrepreneur certification on Wealthy Affiliate

Does it cost anything?

A lot of information provided on the WA does not cost you a penny. Yes its absolutely FREE! You can learn a lot and use your knowledge to start making money without incurring any costs. This is quite rare opportunity which you will find challenging to find elsewhere.

However, should you wish to go “Premium” and speed up the learning process you can go premium for only $19 in your first month.

How crazy is that?

To get a flavour of what it takes to be successful marketer you only need to invest $19 in your first month. This is nothing in comparison to tuition loan you may have or to the amount of money you may spend on the night out. This is truly a wise investment. If you like it the following months membership will cost you $49 and there is no commitment, you can come out anytime.

However, once you made your first sale it’s unlikely you will ever leave it.

Still looking for easy ways to make money for college students?

What are you waiting for then? Sign up now and best of luck on the way to your passive income!